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Boxology - Round 1 Online Coaching Course

Boxology - Round 1 Online Coaching Course

Boxology® Round 1 is an exhaustive guide to boxing from the history of the sport, anatomy/physiology, injury prevention to the correct way to coach and hold pads. This is an excellent course for anyone who wants to teach correct boxing skills including footwork and combinations. You will learn how to hold pads for clients whilst maintaining healthy joints and muscles so that no injuries occur to both parties. Each boxing technique is forensically broken down into several detailed videos. There are over 60 boxing technical videos, alongside PDF break down sheets of each boxing skill.

This course is designed to have a wide appeal and is suitable for everyone from amateur boxers to professional boxers, martial artists to fitness boxers, sports coaches to personal trainers wanting to integrate boxing into their teaching practice.

Once completed and passed you will receive a qualification and accreditation from our qualifying governing bodies, needed to teach professional boxing sessions.

You will receive comprehensive resources in online book and video formats. These not only cover everything boxing but extensive information about how the anatomy of a boxer works, so you can deliver an effective and efficient client/boxer session.

What Will I Get From The Course?

  • Learn the most effective way to teach boxing skills correctly and be able to correct technique
  • Hold pads for clients whilst maintaining healthy joints and muscles so that no injuries occur to both parties
  • Wrap hands professionally and effectively
  • Teach appropriate warm up, cool down techniques and conditioning exercises
  • Learn communication skills and how to determine different ways of teaching
  • Comprehensive anatomy and physiology information so you can fully understand the boxers body, so you can deliver effective sessions.
  • Teach and create boxing combinations
  • Teach an excellent boxing session to a client safely and effectively
  • Design brilliant one on one sessions so that you stand out from everyone in the industry, this will help you build a more successful business
  • 24/7 access to the certified digital detailed Boxology® Round 1 book
  • 24/7 access to over 110 EXTRA boxing technical videos for use after the course on any device
  • Recognised certification offering 10 CPD points on passing the course
  • 24/7 access to education and training videos on any device
  • Downloadable one on one training templates
  • Free 1 year STANDARD membership of the Boxology® Academy Membership Benefits

Before buying this course, please ensure you have read and understood the cancellation and refund policies of this Training Provider detailed below.

Training Provider: Boxology® Academy
Learning Time: At your own pace
Cost: £179
Location: Online
Trustpilot Rating: 4.4-star - Excellent

Information on the Boxology® Academy: Boxology® is one of the leading companies for boxing education, providing PTs, boxing coaches, martial art trainers and sports coaches courses to improve their boxing coaching technique and knowledge. The courses are an exhaustive guide to boxing from anatomy/physiology of a boxer, injury prevention to the correct way to coach boxing, teach footwork, defence and hold pads like a pro. All courses are endorsed by British Boxing Board of Control, Active IQ and CIMSPA. The courses are run by ex-professional boxer (former world No3 and European Champion) and professional boxing coach Cathy Brown and professional boxing coach Greg Williams.

Cancellation & Refund Policies