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The Lower Body Series - BodyMapping

The Lower Body Series - Bodymapping

This series combines The Ankle, The Knee and The Hip into the Lower Body Series. Use this multisensory learning experience to master your knowledge of what lies beneath the skin of the Lower Body.

See, Feel, Map, Move and Memorise these amazing and intricate structures; develop your knowledge and enhance your understanding so that you can truly invest in yourself and the bodies of people around you.

Training Provider: The BodyMapper
Learning Time: 60 hours (for mastery)
Cost: £129
Location: Online
Facebook Rating: 5 out of 5

Information on The Bodymapper: The BodyMapper uses a unique and practical learning system to explore human anatomy, designed to inspire everyone to understand and invest in their body. Our multi-sensory learning system recognises that when we learn we first see something and derive a level of understanding. We then touch it to feel its form gaining a different type of information, processed by the brain in a different way. We then teach our students how to map the terrain because it stimulates another perspective. Then our students move the mapped structures, finally, they memorise by practising and repeating all the steps in the process.

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